Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Refuse to accept abuse

‎"Regardless how other people choose to respond I do not remain on the sidelines when I witness abuse.

Today, as I was walking my little dog, I had an encounter with a man who was walking two large dogs. As they approached I knew something was not right, so I picked Madison up. As we passed, one of his dogs lunged at us. The man jerked its leash hard then hit the dog.

I kindly said, "Please do not hit your dog or anyone for that matter. It does not accomplish what you want." He looked down.

As I started to walk away the dog that lunged got loose. I held Madison in one arm and with the other I gently reached down, taking the simply curious dog by the collar. I never once feared for our safety. I continued to speak softly to the dog. When it was calm I handed him over to the man.

I put my hand on the man's shoulder and said, "Just like with you and me we get the best results with patience and kindness. Please do not hit your dog again."

Whether it is with rude, impatient and entitled customers ganging up on a cashier or with someone who takes his pain and frustration out on his dog, in abusive situations I stand up for what is right. I do so by spreading love - the only action with power to penetrate and soften the hardest of hearts." - from Romancing the Sole

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